It's Febtastic!

Published : 02/09/2018 18:05:05

How quickly the very first month of yet another year has come and gone. As we welcome February, your trusted guru at H2 Hub would like to bring your attention to the most important day of all for your other half – secondary in importance to perhaps only his/her birthday and your anniversary of course. Well, if you haven’t made it to anniversary level yet, month-sary is still an occasion to celebrate, although married non-millennials will likely scoff at the thought of this “trivial” milestone. Nonetheless, as Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s only fitting that we pay tribute to the loves of our lives.


You know, the ones who care for us on the days we’re ill, and the ones who also happen to pick a quarrel with us for seemingly no reason at all. Ah, the folly of youthful love. But while you’re not busy out on a movie date (or Netflix and chillin’ perhaps *smirk*), checking out if a certain dish is really Food-King Good, this is the moment to show your partner you truly appreciate him. Yes, I didn’t type it wrong, as the first part of this blog special is dedicated to the not so fairer sex – males. With that said, do check out our Valentine’s Day gift suggestions for men:


Wulf Exo

Made for the modern gentleman, the Exo turns even pubescent boys into dishy dapper dudes in an instant.  



Aries Gold Lightning

Designed with the sporty male in mind, the Lightning, as its name implies, draws attention and praise in mere seconds.



Maserati Potenza

Radiating a sense of luxury as befits its automobile brethren, the Potenza is for those who like it fast and furious.


-The Watchman

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