A Good Fit for Fashion

Published : 04/27/2018 14:09:31

You’re constantly on the move, whether it’s for business, pleasure, or with the rise of healthier lifestyles, fitness. In fact, you may already be one of those strapping on two wrist wearables at the same time: a fitness tracker, and a more conventional timepiece. Notwithstanding the curious looks that tends to attract, the modern citizen knows that having a smart watch sitting on one’s wrist may not a proclamation of style – rather, it showcases your tech savvy and reliance on all things data-driven. From your heart rate, to the number of calories burnt and even the amount of sleep you’ve gotten, a smart watch is increasingly becoming an essential accessory.


To solve the issue of less than stellar aesthetics, smart watches are now deviating away from bland, nondescript aesthetics, to combine the best of fashion and function. Cue the entrance of fashion-drive smart watches from the likes of Michael Kors and FossilQ. That’s not to say that more fitness-driven peers like Fitbit, Apple, Samsung and Garmin are content to lay back in the style stakes. Just in case the above isn’t enough to sway you into owning a smart watch, your good folks at H2 Hub are here with 3 more reasons:



Got your phone in your pocket or bag? Fret not, as your smart watch is equipped to alert you whenever a new text or email comes in, especially those from your boss.



Gear up for music on the move as certain smart watches allow for Bluetooth music streaming capability. Need to go for a jog and toggle between songs? Tap on your smart watch and voila!



If wayfinding isn’t your strongest suit, the Android Wear lets users visualise their Google Maps route on the watch face, which is way more convenient than looking at your phone screen.


To get your favourite Garmin, Michael Kors or FossilQ smart watches, head over to the H2 Hub store here.



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